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Code of Conduct


Keep your word. Be who you say you are in both public and private. Reflect your values in your words and action.


Unless you have permission to do so, do not discuss other people’s business, or the club’s business. Tell only the stories that are yours to tell.


Volunteer whenever possible, both within our club and when attending other groups' events. Be willing to do whatever needs to be done.


To the best of your ability, take a civil tone in your words and actions in the community, even if interacting with someone you do not like or agree with.


Use your power and voice to work toward a community of diversity and inclusion in a world that is fair and equitable to all, and challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination.


Maintain a positive public outlook, and don't complain or criticize other people, clubs, or events. If you have concerns, bring them privately to the person they concern, or to someone who can help.


Take responsibility for your speech and actions. If you make a mistake, acknowledge it, apologize, and offer amends.


Show respect to people who serve in leadership positions, and those who have served the community in the past for many years, in acknowledgment of the work they have done.


Dress, speak, and behave appropriately for the situation. Be careful not to engage or involve vanillas, minors, or anyone else who has not consented to be part of a conversation or activity.

Community Focus

Look for what is good for the community and our club, and choose that course of
action wherever possible.

Code of Conduct

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