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The mentorship program is designed to train future leaders and volunteers, to provide a path of growth to people who are ready to move beyond the basics, and to set the expectation of community service as a core value of Indiana Leather Club. Mentees will be guided through learning and volunteer opportunities that will help them become more useful to the local community and help them grow personally. There are four mentorship tracks.

Mentorship Tracks

Community Leader

Prepares the individual to serve the local community in a leadership role, such as serving on the board of an organization or taking on a volunteer position involving significant responsibilities. Focuses on networking, volunteerism, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, and understanding of the local community and its groups and resources.


Prepares the individual to develop and teach BDSM related classes at the local and regional level. Focuses on educational theory, curriculum development, professionalism, and public speaking skills.

Event Organizer

Prepares the individual to produce BDSM related events. Focuses on logistics planning, budgeting, marketing, negotiating, and managing volunteers.


Prepares the individual to serve as a local or regional titleholder. Focuses on public speaking and stage confidence, BDSM and Leather history and protocol, networking, personal image, and volunteerism.

Mentorship- Opt B

To learn more about Indiana Leather Club, including how to become a member, explore the links below.

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